5 reasons to go for a weekly massage

In a world easily overturned by a pandemic that seems to be over, massage sessions are some of the most useful relaxation sessions. The best part is that relaxation is not the only advantage of professional massage.

If you are thinking of making an appointment, but you have not yet found the necessary impetus, in this article you will find a series of 5 main reasons why massage should become a habit.

Massage therapy, the most beneficial treatment

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We don’t say it, the specialists say it. Massage is the oldest method of treatment. In the area of ​​Egypt and ancient Greece, people used massage to treat certain ailments. Depending on the targeted area and muscle, massage comes with different results, and over time it becomes a treatment.

When we talk about relaxation, massage has the same beneficial effect. Regardless of the type of massage you have chosen, it is based on the pressure exerted on the body. This pressure calms the nervous system, slows the heartbeat and helps lower cortisol (the stress hormone), resulting in lower blood pressure.

When you are stressed, when your back hurts or you feel like you are moving like a robot, massage is the best solution. It is the only treatment that comes with benefits for the whole body and for the mind.

However, massage is not just a reward for you. He is a treatment, literally. Specialists advise you to go to the massage weekly or twice a month, depending on your personal time. After a week in which deadlines have given you headaches, massage is the perfect way to recharge your batteries and get your blood moving.

If you want immediate results, you can use the massage 2-3 times a week, on the advice of a specialist. This is especially recommended for anti-cellulite massage, which should be performed more often at the beginning.

It’s not a rule to follow, but you have to take into account the problem you want to treat and how fast you want to get results. It is important to start, and then your masseur will advise you on the frequency.

Why go to massages regularly?

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Get rid of sedentary lifestyle. An active life is good for both body and mind. But when the job does not allow you to move as much as you would like, sedentary lifestyle takes its place in your life and brings back problems, posture, circulation and even breathing. All this can be alleviated through massage sessions.

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In addition to the possibility to go to the massage parlor, you can also call for various devices that you can use at home. They are intended for certain areas of the body, but they do their job quite well.

Get rid of anxiety and depression

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You already know that fighting anxiety involves fighting a combination of factors. Massage alone will not relieve you of anxiety, but it is an important pillar of support.

The massage comes with a deep relaxation of the whole body, relaxes the muscles, helps the circulation and gets rid of the extra cortisol that only makes you stressed. Thus, well-being is “helped” to return to you and stay as long as possible. And if you have trouble sleeping, a good massage in the evening, performed by a professional, ensures a peaceful night.

Helps the immune system. Massage helps maintain the optimal level of white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting infections in the body.

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Studies show that stressed people are most prone to infections and diseases. The reason is simple: cortisol in the body already gives a lot of trouble to the immune system and leads to increased heart rate and sleep problems. They have a huge impact on the immune system, which is no longer able to deal with infections.

Massage prevents all these problems and helps you get rid of extra cortisol, relax and rest better. Therefore, your immune system is no longer unnecessarily busy and remains available to fight infections.

Helps blood circulation. Regular massage sessions performed by professionals help the blood to reach the painful areas of the body. Thus, it no longer remains blocked, and the muscles regain their mobility.

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Restore the natural position of the body. Back, muscle or leg pain is the order of the day in today's society. Lifestyle and work schedule are not helpful, so you will have to look for the best solutions outside. Regular massage relaxes the muscles and helps them return to their natural and comfortable position. This way, you will no longer feel pressure in the lumbar and shoulder area.

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Professional massage sessions at Lucicosm Suceava

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When you feel pressure on your back, when your legs seem to be stiff or when the week has been crowded, don't throw yourself in the pill drawer. Come to a massage session and solve your problems not only for the moment, but also in the long run. Above you have only 5 reasons why massage should be part of your life, but its benefits are much greater.

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Caring for your health needs to be constant and even if it seems like a lot of work it is about a few small but impactful habits.

We invite you to Lucicosm Beauty Studio Suceava for personalized massage sessions, performed by qualified and experienced staff. Do not hesitate to contact us for appointments.

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