Beauty habits that you have to give up

Fiecare femeie are propriile ritualuri și obiceiuri de înfrumusețare, însă nu toate sunt recomandate de către specialiști. Unele lucruri din rutina ta zilnică de beauty pot să-ți creeze probleme serioase la nivelul tenului, precum accnee, roșeață sau iritații. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you give them up. If you do not know what habits can be harmful, this article will help you. Here you will find 7 habits you need to give up and the reasons why they can harm your skin.

Beauty habits: too aggressive make-up removal

It is very important to cleanse your skin in two steps both in the morning and in the evening. But the way you do it and the products used are extremely important. When using cleansing diskettes, make sure that the movements you make are not too aggressive with the skin.

Make-up removal is done in circular, repeated and gentle movements, so as not to sting your skin after this procedure. In addition, it is important that the product you are using has a pH close to the pH of your skin.

When buying your care products, pay attention to the list of ingredients. The cleanser must not contain aclool and petrochemical ingredients. Over time, such ingredients lead to dehydration, increased wrinkles and premature aging.

Remove make-up both in the morning and in the evening and use day and night moisturizer. Also, choose products that are right for your skin type. If you don’t know what this is, I wrote an article about the skin types you can find on the blog Lucicosm Beauty Studio Suceava .

Beautification habits: do not use SPF

You know what it’s like: not going to the gym is a habit, like going to the gym. UV rays are primarily responsible for skin aging. They destroy collagen, promote the accumulation of elastin and greatly accelerate the aging process.

It can be even worse than that. UV rays are harmful to skin cells, causing lack of firmness and radiance, color spots, acne. The sun is responsible for most of the skin problems we face. If you still do not use a sunscreen, you should buy one. Sunscreen can be used as a substitute for day moisturizer.

You eat too much sugar

No matter how you see this situation, what is inside reflects the outside. If your diet is not balanced, then you will fight acne and dehydrated or oily skin. Sugar is the skin’s first enemy. If you give up sugar for a long time, you will see that your skin is brighter, cleaner and more hydrated.

Un alt sfat pe care trebuie să-l iei în considerare este felul în care folosești prosopul după ce te speli pe față. Uscarea se face prin tamponare și nu prin frecare. Dacă vei freca prosopul de față, vei agresa pielea. Aceasta se va înroși și va acționa prin pete și usturimi.

Use expired products

Did you know that some serums and creams expire 3 months after opening. Expired care products can do more harm to your skin than you think. Check the product label each time and see how many months it is valid. DO NOT use expired products, even if you still have a large amount.

Use products that are not suitable for your skin type

In order for your skin to look flawless, it needs the right ingredients. Don’t just buy products based on your friends’ recommendations, but get creams that are right for your skin type. I don’t think it’s necessary to mention how important it is NOT to fall asleep with makeup on your face. What is important to know is that the skin of the face is very sensitive. Treat it gently and you will always have a clean complexion.

If you need more beauty tips, the Lucicosm Beauty Studio blog is at your disposal. Moreover, you can make an appointment at the salon in Suceava at the numbers available on the site. The Lucicosm team is at your service with the best skin care, hairstyle and makeup products.

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