Beauty Suceava: Skin care in the warm season

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Here, care is a priority. You already know that skin care is incredibly popular, at least in recent years.

Women and men have realized that there are safe and healthy ways to keep their skin and skin healthy.

However, in the age of technology we are bombarded with all sorts of advertisements that are more and more attractive and meant to make us buy products that are not suitable for us and that, precisely for this reason, can do more harm than good.

It is important that when choosing products for your skin you are guided by a few important factors.

Choose the right products for your skin type

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For starters, choose only products that are made for the texture of your skin (oily, acne, dry, normal). A product that is made for dry skin used on oily skin will only speed up sebum.

Then choose products that do not contain perfume, alcohol and irritants. We know, scented creams can be tempting. But find out that the scent of the cream ages your skin prematurely. If a product still contains these ingredients, it would be good to be somewhere at the bottom of the list.

Remember that the products need to be updated. Check the shelf life after opening and avoid using expired creams.

Now that the warm season is taking place in our lives, you need to adjust your beauty routine a bit.

The skin requires special treatment depending on the season. In hot periods, the skin is even more exposed to the sun’s rays, therefore it needs protection and hydration.

As I told you in previous articles, solar radiation is the skin’s biggest enemy, accelerating the process of premature aging. Moreover, they increase the risk of cancer and not by a percentage that can be ignored.

Infrumusetare Suceava: păstrează-ți tenul fresh în anotimpul cald

Well, there are some tips & tricks in this area as well, so be very careful how you do your beauty ritual.

With the arrival of good weather, your skin needs a restart. For starters, it is advisable to come to a beauty treatment at the salon. You will have the perfect start to elasticity and brightness.

Beauty Suceava - care tips & tricks

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Cleanses and exfoliates the skin properly.

After the cold period, when the skin has been attacked by the hot and dry air in the rooms, by the wind and low temperatures, it needs a proper cleansing. Exfoliation removes dead cells and keeps the skin clean.

You can also use creams from the store, weekly, but do not aggress your skin too much through repeated movements. The process should be relaxing, not painful. You can also try a homemade face mask.

After exfoliating the skin, the next important step is hydration.

As I wrote above, choose the right products for your skin. For dry skin you can use moisturizing oils, while for more oily skin you can use cream.

The hydration part is a step that must be implemented daily. Use a moisturizer in the morning and evening, after you have cleansed your skin.

Care methods do not work if you do not protect yourself from the sun

Very importantly, especially in the hot period, use a cream with a high sun protection factor. The beach lotion is not just for the beach.

Choose a sunscreen with a factor of at least 30 from your favorite manufacturer. Sun protection should be used daily and reapplied whenever needed.

You will be amazed at how much avoiding the sun helps you. In general, it is advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

The importance of antioxidants in Suceava beauty rituals

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Antioxidants are very beneficial for the skin because they fight oxidative stress and slow down the aging process of the skin. Moreover, they increase the natural protection of the skin from the sun’s rays.

You can find antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, but if you know that your diet does not include them as much as you should, then you can resort to natural food supplements.

Renew your makeup kit

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You know very well that in the hot period the skin has other needs. That’s why the high-coverage foundation you used in the winter isn’t good during this period either. Pay attention to the needs of your skin and take the products that let it breathe, especially during this period.

Lucicosm Beauty Studio invites you to the salon for a beauty and relaxation session, suitable for warm weather. Give your skin what it needs, and you take a few moments to breathe.

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