Double shampooing – hair care benefits

If you are looking for information about hair care at home, in a way that is actually useful, in this article we talk about double shampooing and its benefits.

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Double shampooing is a procedure known to hairstylists since forever, but only now has it become known everywhere.

If you read the label of any shampoo bottle, you will see: lather, rinse, repeat.

But when we have such busy lives, who has time to do the process twice? Shampooing twice is like double cleansing your face: if the first wash removes the product, the second wash penetrates deeper to really clean.

What is the double shampooing method?
Simply put, it’s shampooing twice in the same shower session. You apply the product once, rinse, then apply again.

It’s not necessary to do this every time you wash your hair, but shampooing twice provides a deeper clean, which could be beneficial if you have a build-up of hairspray or products. In addition, it is very useful if you have dandruff.

the key is to pay proper attention to both hair and scalp: the first wash should wash away any traces of product or mineral build-up from the strands. The second wash is the one that really cleans the scalp.

The process is quite simple, but the proper washing technique is as follows:

wet your hair well and pour a small amount of shampoo into your palms.
apply the shampoo to the hair and focus only on the roots.
gently massage the scalp for about 1 minute.
squeeze the foam from the length, but do not rub or pull the strands.
rinse well.
repeat the process.
The right products also play an important role in a good double cleanse. You can use the same shampoo twice, but chances are your hair needs a different form of attention. You can choose a second shampoo that moisturizes deeply or that is specifically for colored hair. Choose products according to your hair type, but don’t compromise on quality. Try oil-based or milder shampoos for a second shampoo. In addition, it is very important not to overload the hair with products.

Hair care – what are the benefits of double shampooing
Remove excess product: If you have hairspray, oils, dry shampoo or any other type of product in your hair, double shampooing is absolutely necessary. The first shampoo will loosen the film of the product, and the second will remove it and clean the scalp.

Remove and rinse dandruff: If you have seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff and can’t wash your hair more often, opt for double shampooing when you do. It will wash away the dandruff and cleanse the scalp of any impurities.

Thoroughly cleanses hair after exposure to chlorine, seawater or mineral deposits from hard water such as pool water.

Prepares the hair for scalp masks or other treatments: In addition to a deep cleansing of the scalp, the method also helps to create a good canvas for the penetration of the active ingredients. If your scalp is very rough, the active ingredients tend to sit on the surface and do not penetrate the skin. Once the scalp and hair are thoroughly cleansed, they will absorb all those good, nourishing ingredients from a mask or treatment.

The dangers of double shampooing
May cause damage. If you use a strong, over-cleansing shampoo and apply it twice in one wash, it could strip your natural oils. And the scalp will compensate by overproducing oil.

Waste of product and time: If you double shampoo when you don’t need to, you waste product and spend more time in the shower than necessary.
For proper hair care, choose to regularly have professional treatments at the salon. We have talked about the short and long term benefits of these treatments in our blog. To quickly make an appointment at Lucicosm Beauty Studio, call 0230 511 359 or 0754 019 132

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