Hair care in the cold season

The cold season affects not only the skin but also the hair. Therefore, you also need a routine for hair care in autumn and winter. The problems that can occur are caused by temperature differences between inside and outside, which makes the hair dehydrate easier than usual.

In any case, all the problems that may arise have a solution, and the hairstyling specialists can tell you what it is.

How to adjust your hair care in winter

The main cause of hair problems in the cold season is the cold. During this period, your hair needs optimal hydration to maintain its shine and strength. Therefore, you need an intensive moisturizing mask to apply weekly.

A moisturizing ritual that we recommend is the following: buy a moisturizing mask and apply it on your hair. Then put a towel in warm water, squeeze it and wrap your hair with it. Leave the towel on your head for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse your hair with plenty of water.

In the trade you will find countless creams that promise you hydrated and shiny hair, but it is important that the products used are of good quality and do not contain questionable ingredients. If a product is quality, then it will ensure a better result.

Another problem you may face in the cold season is hair dullness due to the collar, hat or hood. You already know that if you wear a hat you lose the natural volume of your hair. The best ritual you can adopt in this regard is the following: brush your hair about a minute from root to tip.

You will stimulate blood circulation and tone the root. Another type of specialist to protect your hair is to rinse it at the end with colder water. You will strengthen the cuticle and increase the strength of the hair. If you are used to styling your hair with the plate, avoid catching it at night. You wouldn’t believe it, but your hair needs to breathe too.

Why you need to adapt your hair care ritual

It goes without saying that damaged hair needs care and healthy hair needs prevention. In order to have strong and easy to style hair, you need to nourish and treat it properly.

This happens both inside and out. Use a shampoo according to your hair, do not forget the mask and go to treatments at the salon. This treatment helps you in deep hydration, which cannot be done at home.

Here are the causes of hair degradation

External causes include the quality of the brushes and accessories you use. A poor quality brush can break your hair, and misused accessories can degrade the protective cuticle layer.

Let’s not forget the dryer and the plate, two of the most common causes of hair degradation. In summer, the problems caused by the two may seem small, but during the winter, they double. And if you still dry your hair with a towel after washing it, it’s even worse.

Unprofessional chemical treatments are not your hair’s friends either. Discoloration and curling lead to hair degradation.

Hair care in the cold season

Regardless of the problem you face, in the cold season your hair needs special attention. Otherwise, you will struggle with a rebellious hair, which does not settle and which is difficult to style. And if you leave it like that, you will only accelerate the degradation process.

In order to have beautiful hair all the time, you need to take care of it properly. Do not hesitate to go to the salon for professional treatments. The products used are much stronger and intensely moisturizing, so that your hair will regain its shine even after a treatment. You can always make an appointment at the salon at the number on the site.

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