How to choose the haircut that suits you

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life,” Coco Channel said. Well, that’s right. I told you in the previous article, in which I talked about how to regain the vitality of your hair, that this is a woman’s business card. It’s the story you tell people about you. The Lucicosm Beauty Studio team makes sure you tell the right story.

If you are planning a major change in your hairstyle, do not make hasty decisions. Why? Because you might regret them, destroy your hair and we know that hair does not grow overnight.

If you feel the need for a change and you think that another haircut would be more suitable for you, you need to consider a few factors before taking the big step. Even if you’ve seen a woman whose bob haircut looked extraordinarily good, that doesn’t mean things will be the same for you.

For starters, decide why you want to get a haircut. Do you want a change or is your hair too damaged?

Here are some good reasons to get a haircut

  1. The tips are split. It’s no secret that you have to get a regular haircut. It is advisable to visit the salon for this purpose at least once every 2 months, to trim the tips that are split. However, if you have waited longer, you should shorten your hair to look healthy again. The haircut is the only salvation for split hair. The treatments do not work wonders and do not “unite” the hair. It stays split, so you have to use scissors.
  2. The hair is burned. This is due to discoloration, excessive or unprofessional painting. Moreover, repeated bleaching also brings the rough and unpleasant appearance of the hair. Even in this case you can not solve the situation with treatments, but only with scissors.
  3. You have used the plate, curler or dryer too often. Such utensils burn the hair and damage it. It does not settle properly and loses its shine. Thermal protection does not help when the utensils are used excessively, so here too the solution is a new haircut.
  4. You want a change. Here, not even the healthiest hair can make you change your mind. If you feel the need for a change, do it. However, analyze the situation beforehand and choose the haircut that suits you best.

You know the saying: how many huts, so many habits. It’s the same with haircuts, they are countless. Regardless of the reason you want to cut your hair, you can’t choose your next haircut only after the photos. There are a few factors to keep in mind for your new haircut to suit you.

That’s why you have to take into account when you want to change your haircut

1. Hair type

Even if some haircuts fit your glove, others can be a total disaster for you. Remember that the type of hair is what can make the difference. If your hair is normal and healthy, then it is suitable for almost any haircut. So leave it to Lucicosm Beauty Studio. Here, we bring you the transformation you want, depending on your hair type.

If you have dry hair, consider a special salon treatment that can revive your hair. After the treatment, the haircut you want will look much better.

Oily hair loses its volume quickly, so you can choose a haircut that gives it volume. However, curly hair is very difficult to tame and not every haircut fits. So in this case, we are waiting for you at Lucicosm Beauty Studio for a “diagnosis”. We choose together the most suitable haircut for you.

If you have sparse and thin hair, take a look at short haircuts, because they are best for you.

2. The shape of the face

Do you have an oval face? Then you can choose any haircut you want. You are part of the lucky group.

In contrast, a square face does not have so many options. The accentuated jaw does not allow you to have short and straight haircuts. Instead, you can opt for haircuts with volume and round, which will soften the sharp features.

For an elongated face, haircuts are needed to attenuate this feature. In this case, bangs are an excellent choice.

3. Take age into account

Even if you have perfectly healthy hair and an oval face shape, you can’t choose any type of haircut. Your age and attitude are very important. A short bob haircut will rarely fit an 18-year-old. Or a pixie haircut for a mature woman in her 50s.

So, consider who you want to be and what you want to represent. Leave yourself in the hands of specialists and the result will not disappoint you.

Moreover, once you have decided which haircut you want, take into account how long you would like to give in to arrange your hair. Some haircuts are difficult to maintain, especially for some hair types, and require as much as 40 minutes daily.

So how much time would you like to spend in front of the mirror? If you are a person with limited time, opt for a haircut that perfectly suits your hair type. So you don’t have to spend too much time getting ready.

However, if you are willing to sacrifice more time to get ready, do not hesitate to tell us this when you come to LuciCosm Beauty Studio.

We are waiting for you with suggestions and advice and we are with you with the most modern tools and products so that the result is the one you want.

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