How to get rid of stress with a relaxing massage

2021 was a really stressful year and the year in which relaxing massage sessions were in vogue. From the very beginning, we worried about health, the state of society in which we evolve, the way we will manage different situations and the solutions we will find to the problems that seemed to multiply without any head.

The year 2021 was a burden at the beginning and continued at the same pace: people had more and more projects, more and more duties and responsibilities.

And, what do you think, with the increase of the problems, the stress also increased. Statistics show that people’s stress levels in the coming year were much higher than at the onset of the covid pandemic. So people were looking for ways to relax. Some have come across the perfect ways to get rid of stress, others have started to stress more.

One of the most effective ways to combat stress is to relax. A pampering in the true sense of the word, this type of massage includes several techniques that can get rid of unwarranted fatigue, muscle aches or headaches. And the list of benefits does not end here.

How a relaxing massage helps you

Relaxation massage is the best response to stress. That’s because it eliminates it overwhelmingly. This type of massage includes kneading, non-delaying, active and passive techniques that are applied in the direction of blood circulation. Its role is to relax the muscles and joints, to allow normal and natural blood circulation.

The answer? Elimination of cortisol, the famous stress hormone. Made in a place that smells of cinnamon and vanilla and gives you a cozy and safe feeling, the relaxing massage has all the details of the problem so as to solve the stress. In addition to the physical benefits, the relaxation massage also has benefits for the mood and mind.

Who wouldn’t take full advantage of a professional massage session? In a safe and well-organized space, with a cup of coffee and a friendly face, anyone would put aside their daily problems.

And even if you are a skeptical person, find out that relaxation is an unconscious response of the body. No matter what your opinion is about massage, after a meeting with the Lucicosm Beauty Studio team you will feel more free and ready to face the challenges you have. Relaxation massage can be performed with aropatherapy or melotherapy and reduces anxiety and fatigue, back, neck, muscle aches and all the tension accumulated during the day.

Relaxing massage helps stimulate the immune system and increases serotonin (the hormone that nourishes emotions and thoughts in a healthy way). If you come for a relaxing massage, you just have to win. And as the year is nearing the end, you definitely deserve a pampering session, in which to forget about the care of gifts and preparations for the holidays.

3 reasons to come for a relaxing massage at Lucicosm Beauty Studio

It frees you from anxiety and fatigue. A tired mind will never be able to be 100% involved in social actions and will not be able to respond to challenges correctly. The periods when you feel that you no longer have energy, in which you do not find the motivation to continue your activities, have a simple solution: the relaxation massage.

It helps you sleep better. Usually, the end of the year comes with an amalgam of tasks that you must solve in order to be free of the holidays. The pressure can be huge and leave its mark on the sleep schedule. Relaxation massage reduces physical and mental fatigue, being recommended for those suffering from insomnia.

Improves the appearance of the skin. In addition to the fact that you will feel more relaxed and rested, the appearance of your skin will be visibly improved. Massage stimulates blood circulation, having benefits on skin elasticity. You will have firmer skin, less cellulite and better defined muscles. Book a place for a massage at the salon in advance, to be sure that you welcome the holidays in the best shape of your life. You can find us at the phone numbers displayed on the website or on the Lucicosm Beauty Studio facebook page.

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