How to regain the vitality and shine of hair

Hair is anyone’s business card and, along with care and look, it can tell a whole story about the person you are looking at. The way it is arranged, how it is dyed, how neat it is, all these aspects of your hair convey information about you. At Lucicosm Beauty Studio we make sure you tell the right story about yourself.

But do you do it when the appearance of your hair no longer conveys what you want about yourself? When it is gloomy, does it not sit in any way or is it damaged?

How to work with dry and damaged hair

Dry and damaged hair is much harder to care for and gives you big headaches. It does not fit in any way, it has lost its shine and vitality and has a wired look. The first signs that your hair is damaged are loss of shine and elasticity. Also take into account the fragility of the hair. When it breaks easily or falls, you need to take action. Signs of damaged and dry hair:

  • your hair ends are split;
  • hair breaks easily;
  • you lose more hair than usual;
  • it’s harder for you to arrange it;
  • it has a relaxing aesthetic aspect; ● is harsh to the touch; ● is easily electrified.

You can’t work with damaged hair. It doesn’t work out anymore, and when that happens you know that the whole look suffers. You don’t feel as fresh anymore and you know you need an improvement.

However, you need to know what you did to get to this point so that it doesn’t happen again next time.

Causes of dry and damaged hair

  • Chemical treatments. If you dye your hair too often and use chemical treatments without coming up with a way to moisturize and recover the hair, then it
  • Genetics. Yes, sometimes nature can play tricks on us. If you have dry and damaged hair because this is your legacy, then you need to pay much more attention to it.

How to care for dry and damaged hair

The appearance of the hair can also be influenced by external factors such as weather conditions. You know that your hair needs special attention, so it is advisable to avoid dyeing it often and bleaching it. The two actions lead to dehydration of the hair and decrease the amount of sebum.

Yes, and the plate or curler should get rid of. High temperatures affect the hair, even if you use protective products. Sigur că nu trebuie să arunci pOf course you don’t have to throw away the board, but it would be advisable to use it as rarely as possible.laca, dar ar fi indicat să o folosești cât mai rar. If you still can’t manage to style your hair without a plate or curler, the specialists recommend you to use lower temperatures. In the case of the dryer, use cold air and hot air alternately.

Food also has a hard word to say in terms of hair. If your diet is healthy, then your hair will be the same. Nutrition is the key to shiny and healthy hair.

With damaged and dry hair it is not playful, so if you notice the two characteristics of your hair, pay a visit to the hairdresser. shiny and healthy hair. It is advisable to do this constantly, every two months, to cut the split ends. In any case, going to the hairdresser is not enough to get rid of the damaged appearance of the hair.

You need to make sure you use the right products. Both the shampoo, the finishing protection, the conditioner, the mask and the treatment, all must be suitable for your hair type and the problem you want to solve.

If your hair is dry, you definitely don’t need a shampoo that dries. Pay attention to these details and choose products that can help you.

On the other hand, the hair mask cannot be missing from your hair care routine. After washing your hair, use a commercial moisturizing mask or one prepared at home from a few simple ingredients.

However, you can also leave it in the hands of specialists. The Lucicosm Beauty Studio team can get rid of your hair problems.

If you want the best results, come to the salon.

The salon team can immediately realize the problem you have and can recommend the best solutions to solve it.

Salon treatments are applied to your hair after a thorough analysis of the hair, made by our specialists. One of the most popular treatments used in salons is keratin treatment. You already know that keratin treatment can work wonders. If you have easily tangled hair, such a treatment is the solution to the problem. Keratin treatment can help you have straight hair, without arranging it, for a period of up to 3 months.

This way, you can relieve the hair of the pain of caring with the plate.

Another type of treatment you can receive at the salon is the scalp treatment. If you have an itchy scalp, dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis, scalp treatment helps you get rid of such problems. Moreover, the treatment can decrease the production of oil on the scalp and can help the hair to grow faster.

For damaged and dry hair, you can opt for a treatment with boiled oil at the salon. Not only does it give the hair a long-lasting shine, but it moisturizes and smoothes it. It is a wonderful treatment for dry and damaged hair.

Other types of treatments you can find in salons are:

  • hydration treatments
  • treatments for messy hair
  • detoxification treatments

The Lucicosm Beauty Studio team makes sure that your problem is solved with the most efficient solution. Your hair regains its shine and vitality and can be trimmed much easier. You can find us on Facebook, where you can see what results our clients had after the services offered. As your hair tells a story, we make sure it tells the best.

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