Impact hairstyles for the winter holidays

It’s the time when every woman wants to shine and look for the most beautiful impact hairstyles for the Christmas party and the Rev. As you know, not every hairstyle is right for your outfit, your hair type or the shape of your face.

The winter holidays give you the opportunity to shine, and you have to take advantage of it. Whether you choose to do your hair at home or leave yourself in the hands of a professional at the salon, you need to do some research in advance. Nothing is more stressful and disappointing than a special day when your hair is bad.

Before choosing the hairstyle for the Christmas party or for the New Year’s Eve party, choose the outfit you will wear. Depending on the outfit, you also choose the hairstyle that completes it.

Then run to the salon and trim your tips. The split hair loses its volume and elasticity and does not sit as well as before. Another reason to cut your hair is the prolonged use of the straightener, curler or hair dryer. Before you choose the right hairstyle, run to the salon at Lucicosm Beauty Studio to get your tips.

Choose the hairstyle you want to have and execute it a few times before the big event. This way, you will know exactly how much time you spend in front of the mirror, what products you should use and what the hairstyle looks like on your outfit. If you choose to do her hair at the salon, make an appointment with the stylists from Lucicosm to see what the hairstyle you want really looks like. If you fail, you will be able to choose another hairstyle. But if you fail even before the big event, you can’t do much, and the evening is clearly broken.

Impact hairstyles with curls

The curls will never get old. If you have hair full of volume and want to leave your hair on your back on the day of the party, sophisticated curls are what you are looking for. In order to have the unique hairstyle you want, we advise you not to choose light curls, but to choose those glam curls, classic Hollywood.

New Year’s Eve or Christmas are just two of the few events in which you are allowed to exaggerate and look fabulous. Don’t opt for a mundane hairstyle. If you want to make an appointment at the salon for your impact hairstyle, save a photo with the curls you want to have.

Once you have made your desired curls, you have several options to wear them. If you choose New Year’s Eve loops, wear them on one shoulder. You wouldn’t believe it, but it influences your hairstyle a lot. If, for example, you are going to wear a dress without straps or with a bare back, a bare shoulder makes all the difference.

If you have your hair dyed in strands, this is the most beautiful highlighted by the textured curls. The hair in the locks looks beautifully cut in the stairs and wavy, and you will be amazed by the stratification obtained and by the way this hairstyle can fit your face.

If your hair is of medium or long length, curl it only at the ends. Don’t forget to give it resistance and fix it with a hair product.

It is certain that curls can turn an ordinary hairstyle into an amazing one. All you have to do is choose the pattern of curls according to the texture of your hair and your outfit.

If the length of your hair does not allow you to make the curls you want, you can always opt for extensions.

How to make curls at home

Before you begin, apply volume foam to the root of your hair. Then dry the hair with a hair dryer and brush to give it volume. Obviously, if your hair is curly, you don’t have to curl it anymore.

To make the curls better, as soon as you have curled a strand, wrap it around your fingers and hold it with a paper clip. Continue the same procedure with the other strands. To get the look you want, cut your hair into two equal parts.

Impact hairstyles with light updo

Many women want their hair caught, as a perfect complement to the outfit or as a note of elegance. If you also want to have your hair caught at the New Year’s Eve party, you can choose a light updo.

If your dress does not have straps or has a bare back, this hairstyle will perfectly highlight your features. These buns are easily made from home, but for a result that suits your outfit, we invite you to the salon. Here we offer you the look you want quickly and without flaws.

Making a perfect updo is difficult and you have to take into account the texture of your hair. If your hair is too thin, you can’t make a messy bonus on your own. You need special products and some skill.

Braids for party evenings

Braids are always in trend, because they have a special charm. If you are a fan of braids, you can choose to incorporate them in the bun or in another hairstyle or you can opt for light braids.

One important thing to consider is choosing to make your braids tighter. Light braids can’t stand an evening party, and your hair won’t look as good in the second half of the evening.

Regardless of the hairstyle you want, Lucicosm Beauty Studio invites you to make an appointment at the salon. Here, our team can give you the hairstyle you want, making your hair look incredible. Moreover, you will save time and energy and go safe with the holiday hairstyle. We invite you to make an appointment at the phone number displayed on the site. For more information and photos with our models, we invite you to follow us on the facebook page.

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