Make-up Suceava: what it means to have a professional make-up

Are you looking for a makeup salon Suceava? When we have an important event, whether it’s a wedding or a party, we want to have an enviable, flawless look that highlights our most beautiful features.

Events call for elegance and sophistication, of course. To achieve them and live up to your expectations, professional makeup is necessary.

We emphasize that a make-up at the salon does not require a ton of foundation, with powder that is visible on the face or with shades of blush that are too bright. A make-up at the salon involves the use of professional products that successfully hide imperfections, but that keep a natural, pleasant and impactful look.

If you want a stage effect and you don’t want to make a mistake with your make-up, come to the Lucicosm Beauty Studio salon in Suceava.
We are a team of professionals who set out to make your beauty shine brightly. The Lucicosm Beauty Studio team consists of accredited people with long experience. We are constantly present at training courses and assimilate the newest trends in the world of beauty. Therefore, our results are always the best.

Here you will find professional products, adapted for every skin type and skin tone. To see the results we have achieved so far, below you can find a photo gallery of the latest make-ups done.

When you come to the salon for a professional make-up, first of all, we invite you to tell us what is the result you want and what type of event you will be attending. We will analyze your skin type, and depending on that we will know what type of products we will use.

What is the makeup experience in Suceava at Lucicosm
We are a team of professionals, but you don’t have to take our word for it. To convince yourself, look at some of the reviews of those who passed our threshold:

Rodica Rodi: “Success! The most beautiful skilled girls. I hug you”

Nicoleta Cojocaru: “The best team! The most professional.”

Loredana Diana: “I highly recommend. Super professionals, results beyond expectations!”

Stefania Anghel: “Pleasant atmosphere, very good quality services, qualified and diplomatic staff. I recommend with confidence!”

Our goal is to offer you the best services, so that you can then find with us a family ready to transform your look. To find more information and photos, we invite you to follow us on our Facebook page. You have the link here:

Why use Suceava professional make-up
It’s true that most of the time you can do your makeup at home. The difference between a professional make-up and one done at home is the impact. Guaranteed a make-up at the salon will look better and have an impact on those around you.

Moreover, a professional make-up is done by people who have studied make-up techniques, types of face shapes, color palettes and modern and unique make-up methods. Only if you have attended courses and obtained credentials can you achieve the same result at home.

In addition, at the salon you can find products or shades that you don’t have at home. And then, you’ll surely enjoy relaxing in the salon while a member of the team takes care of you.

What other services can you find at Lucicosm Beauty Studio
In addition to professional make-up services, we offer services such as:

Hairdressing and barbering: we make sure that your hair always looks shiny and healthy, and that your hairstyle does not go unnoticed.

Manicure and pedicure. Clearly, nails are a woman’s business card and harmoniously complete a complete look, especially for an event.

Cosmetics and massage. In order to have moments when you also take care of your health, we offer massage, facial and body cosmetic services.

For appointments or more details, we invite you to call us at 0754.019.132

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