Manicure Suceava – complete guide for every type of manicure

Are you looking for Suceava manicure? The Lucicosm Beauty Studio team has prepared a complete guide for each type of manicure

How good it is when you can choose from a lot of designs and techniques to make your nails look their best. The most important thing, though, is to consider how you want your nails to look. Other factors are maintenance, design, price and time.

Manicure sessions are moments of relaxation and pampering. Look what types of manicure you can find in the salon. Read this article to learn the difference between gel, acrylic or semi-manicure extensions.

Suceava manicure – basic manicure
Simple and classic, the basic manicure includes cleaning the nails, cutting the cuticles and filing. In addition, it also contains the shape, but also the application of a varnish of your choice. In addition, you can opt for nail art, at additional costs.

The lifespan of a basic manicure is one week. Remove with varnish remover, without acetone. If you like simplicity and prefer the most natural nails, the basic manicure can be a good choice for you.

The basic manicure basically involves cleaning the nails and applying a nail polish of your choice. It is a classic manicure that many Lucicosm Beauty Studio clients opt for.

French manicure, an elegant choice that never goes out of style
French manicure is the best example that elegance has no era or time. It exists regardless of how many have passed and has remained as amazing.

The French manicure is more than just a nail art trend. It’s a way to celebrate elegance and simplicity and show that the smallest details can make a difference. The French manicure peaked in the 90s and became a classic look. It’s that type of manicure with a white tip and the nail bed painted in transparent or nude pink.

The lifespan of a simple French manicure with normal nail polish is about a week. It is removed like normal nail polish, with the help of a makeup remover disk and remover.

Manicure Suceava – Manicure with gel
The gel manicure includes much the same process as the basic manicure. The nails are painted with gel that must be dried in the UV lamp. Then a top layer is added and fixed.

Gel nails have become popular in recent years because they last much longer than classic manicures.

The gel manicure lasts between 3-4 weeks without scratching or peeling. It is ideal for people who want a clean and neat look for their nails.

Although it lasts much longer, the application process may take longer. The nails are prepared and cleaned before applying the nail polish, so that the result lasts as long as possible.

Gel manicure is an excellent option if you want a durable and spectacular look for your nails. It is removed at the salon, so that the nails are not damaged in the process.

If the polish is removed incorrectly, the gel manicure can cause injury to the natural nail, which is why we advocate in-salon removal.

The removal process at home requires more care. However, if you don’t have time to come to the salon, we wrote on our blog how to properly remove the gel at home. Don’t forget to moisturize your nails with cuticle oil to prevent them from breaking.

Acrylic nails
Acrylic uses a liquid and powder mixture to create a nail extension. It has a shelf life of up to 3 weeks and can be removed with acetone.

As I wrote above, removing it at home can be unsafe, because you can tear off the top layers of the nail, causing it to become brittle.

Like gel, acrylic nails can be made in many attractive designs and colors.

Nails with extension

Gel extensions use gel that is cured under UV light. This manicure lasts up to 3 weeks and can be removed using acetone.

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