Manicure Suceava. Why choose gel nails?

All women want a flawless manicure, especially since a manicure can say so much about a person. If you are looking for a Suceava manicure salon or wondering if you should opt for a gel or semi manicure, this article will help you.

You will find out what are the differences between the types of manicure and which one is the most suitable for you.

It can be annoying and tiring to always have to do your nails with normal nail polish, especially since it doesn’t last long and falls off after only 1-2 days.

Semi nail polish can be an option, but if your nails are short and you want them almond-shaped, you won’t be able to achieve this result. Moreover, the semi nail polish does not help you to hide any defects.

Gel nails are increasingly popular among women who want to always have a flawless look without too much trouble. However, for the result to be appropriate, the salon you call also matters. If the manicurist is professional, you won’t have any problems. But if she’s a beginner and doesn’t know how to use the products, then your nails can look ugly or peel off quickly.

There are many reviews on the internet of salons in Suceava, so you can orient yourself very easily. Moreover, you can also find pictures to find out if the salon is right for you.

For example, at Lucicosm Beauty Studio Suceava we regularly post images of our work, so you can see exactly what we can do and how we can be of use to you.

If you want a gel manicure, know that it is the best decision. The gel is much more resistant than semi nail polish and can guarantee you a cute manicure.

Manicure Suceava. Why use a gel manicure?
There are many reasons to go for gel nails, but the main one is that they help you get the shape you want. Whether you prefer almond or long nails, the gel provides extra length. And then, even if the gel will grow with the nail, you can apply a nail polish on top, and your manicure will be like new.

The gel can correct nails that grow incorrectly or that don’t look good, so you can have an enviable manicure regardless of the situation.

Even if your nails break easily, the gel will last. So this problem can also be solved with the help of the gel.

You won’t have to do your nails every day. Once you’ve done your nails with gel, you can forget about taking care of them for at least a few weeks. You will have a bright manicure color, intense and vibrant.

You will no longer have chipped or bumped nails. If you often hit your nails or have activities that make you often neglect your manicure, know that gel nails are the solution you need. Think that for a month you won’t need your nails.

The busy schedule won’t bother you anymore. If you don’t have time to take care of your nails or it seems like torture, gel nails get rid of that job. For a month, you will have beautiful, enviable nails that you will not be ashamed of.

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