Myths about gel nails

Hands are a woman’s business card, and manicure has always been a very important aspect. Gel manicure with nails has become popular very quickly because it offers a lot of benefits.

Women choose to put on their gel nails to complete a neat and beautiful look. Even though we often say that the opinions of those around us do not matter, we cannot deny that the opinions of those close to us influence us and help us to build an image of ourselves. Therefore, the aspect is never neglected.

Gel manicure allows you to always have beautiful and neat nails and a pleasant overall look. If you used to worry about nail polish, now you can have a flawless manicure for a long time.

Gel manicure is the most popular way to care for your nails, but over time, many myths have emerged. And, as the definition says, myths about gel nails are largely untrue. In this article we will tell you the most common myths about gel manicure and why you should not take them into account.

What NOT to think about gel nails

Surely you've heard how bad your gel nails can be. One of the most common myths is about how the nail should breathe. Well, the nail is dead tissue. She doesn't need air, she doesn't need to breathe.

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If someone tells you that you need to leave your nails without gel, find out that nothing “should”. In fact, varnish, nail polish or gel protect the nail from external factors. Moreover, the gel maintains a natural layer of fat on the nail, which helps it stay hydrated. Basically, the nail needs nothing but a proper diet.

If you often apply gel nails, the nail bed will turn yellow

This myth is only half true. If you use a quality base, your nails will not color in any way. It’s important that when you want to put on your gel nails, listen to your nail artist’s advice and don’t believe everything he writes on the internet.

Another myth that has become too popular is that if you put your hands in cold water, the lake will dry faster. If you do this, all you have to do is ruin the operation. The reason the lake dries is that the air evaporates the solvents that kept it liquid.

UV gel is better for the nail than acrylic

Who do you think is making this statement? Companies that manufacture UV gels. Well, UV gels are made, with slight differences in production, based on acrylic.

When you go to the salon, the manicurist can see which product is right for your nail. Depending on the nail bed, chances are that the acrylic will be more suitable for you.

Modeling can destroy the nail

Remember when I told you the nail was dead tissue? Modeling does not destroy the nail. However, if you remove the gel at home without the right tools, chances are you will break your nails.

If you want your nails to stay just as strong after you take off your gel, come to the salon. Our manicurists can remove your gel professionally so that there are no unpleasant consequences.

Radiation from the lamp causes cancer

The most common myth about gel nails is this. However, the myth has no basis. The radiation you expose yourself to when you leave the house is the same as the radiation you expose yourself to when you put your hand in the lamp.

UVA rays cause premature aging of the skin and that is why we give them moisturizer with sun protection factor. Remember that the lamp light is very dim. Thus, you should keep your hands on the lamp for months only for any tumor to appear.

In short, he doesn't believe everything that is written. If you have any problems with your gel nails, our team is at your disposal. Call the number on the site, and we will answer any questions you may have. At the same time, we invite you to make an appointment with your manicurist in advance to renew your manicure or take off your gel. Don't forget, the Lucicosm Beauty Suceava blog is at your disposal with information about beauty and styling.

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