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Salon Suceava Lucicosm Beauty Studio welcomes you with useful and practical tips for beauty, cosmetics and care. As we know that the skin is very important for a woman, we write here what are the most effective methods by which you can have a young and bright complexion.

For starters, you need to know that the secret to a beautiful complexion is to be consistent in your routine. A proper routine means a routine tailored to your skin type.

If you have dry skin and use products for oily skin, you will not have results. Moreover, you could even create more problems for your skin. Even how you use the products depends on your skin type. It is very important to pay attention to the way your skin reacts and to figure out which product suits you or not.

Depending on the type of skin, there are some ingredients that are good to avoid, but only one ingredient should be at the top of the list for any skin care product: alcohol.

Salon Suceava Lucicosm offers you a wide range of non-alcoholic skin products, irritants and perfume. You already know that these ingredients only speed up the aging process. Another important factor is the pH of the product. It should be at a level of 5-6, as close as possible to the natural pH of the skin.

cleaning in 5 steps

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Skin cleansing is one of the most important steps in the care ritual and must be done in your own home, with the same products. Cleansing helps you remove impurities, excess sebum and other dead cells left by unassimilated products in the skin.

You need to know that cleansing and cleansing are not the same thing, but two different steps. Cleaning comes after the makeup removal process. The correct cleaning process is done twice a day. For the process to be as accurate as possible, it is important to follow these steps:

  1. Folosește un gel de curățare
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Gelul de curățare trebuie să fie potrivit nevoilor tenului tău. Nu uita să verificați lista de ingrediente, pentru a fi sigur că nu sunt parfum, alcool sau alți iritanți puternici.

După ce ai spălat fața cu gelul de curățare, șterge ușor fața cu un prosop moale. Folosește și un demachiant pentru dezinfectarea porilor.

  1. Folosește un scrub fin pentru masaj
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This step is not recommended to do it daily, because you aggress your skin, but you can use a weekly scrub. You can use a commercial scrub or you can make one at home.

On the Suceava Lucicosm Mediere salon blog you can find more ideas to make your perfect scrub.

  1. Apply a nourishing mask
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Și în acest caz, e important să folosești doar măști special concepute pentru tipul tău de ten. Ține cont că și un ten gras are nevoie de hidratare, dar nu prin aceleași metode ca un ten normal sau mixt. 

If you prefer natural combinations, you can always make a moisturizing mask at home, with basic ingredients.

  1. Tonic lotion
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Help your skin regain its PH and give it a tonic lotion, preferably based on rose or even cucumber water.

  1. Moisturizer

After any kind of skin cleansing procedure it is very important to apply moisturizer. Remember that the product must be adapted to your skin type and not contain ingredients that can worsen your skin condition.

Moreover, it is important that the products complement each other and, if you have fallen in love with a certain range, then it is really advisable to use only that range.

Salon Suceava recommends you to avoid the following ingredients

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Alcohol or perfume are not the only things that can irritate the skin. The category of irritants also includes menthol, eucalyptus, essential oils, tomato or citrus juice.

Solid soaps, scrub masks or even very hot water can also be part of this category.

The skin requires a lot of attention, but once you have established a care ritual everything becomes easier.

If you face skin problems or simply need a relaxing massage, Suceava Lucicosm salon is at your disposal.

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