Salon Suceava: how to feel confident in yourself

If you are looking for a Suceava salon that will highlight your beauty, Lucicosm Beauty Studio is here for you.

Every woman needs a few moments to feel pampered. Then the woman is ready to take on the world confident in her own strength.

If you are looking for a Suceava salon that will highlight your beauty, Lucicosm Beauty Studio is here for you.

Face your difficult days in style

Do you know those moments when even if you had a bad day and maybe you didn’t have enough time to teach projects, you still have a bit of positivity with which you know you can change the trajectory of the day?

Well, that piece is planted in the classroom hours. Hours when you pamper yourself, release yourself and feel good. And after a visit to a salon in Suceava, you come out more beautiful than usual.

Appearance is not everything, but the right attitude can turn mountains upside down. And you know that the attitude is different when you have a fresh manicure, when you came from the massage or when you have a new hairstyle. It may not be appropriate to value appearance, but it is advisable to value yourself.

Taking care of yourself and the way you look is not a fad, not even a treat. It is a necessity that often increases your self-confidence. So, when do you make an appointment at the Suceava salon?

Salon Suceava Lucicosm Beauty Studio invites you to indulge

We are a young, dynamic team that knows that what is happening here is the art of highlighting your natural beauty.

The Lucicosm team is made up of professionally trained people for whom their profession is their passion.

We are here to show the world how beautiful you are and what your physical qualities are.

We offer you several forms of pampering, suitable for all ages.

On our facebook page you can find images of our works and testimonials of satisfied customers. As soon as you cross our threshold, your appearance will be improved.

Without too many words, at Lucicosm Beauty Studio a friendly and cozy atmosphere awaits you, meant to put a smile on your face as soon as you cross our threshold.

Services provided by Lucicosm Beauty Studio

You want to have good results and you want to look neater and more beautiful than you already are. Leave it to us, and we will bring you the results you expect.

Here are the services that help you at the Suceava salon:

Hairdresser and barber

As I said before, your hair tells a story about you. The hairstyle completes an impression or attracts opinions.

Tell the right story and choose to take care of your hair. At Lucicosm Beauty Studio we use professional products, specially made for your hair. From here to the result you expect is just one step: the skill of our hairstylist.

Tell us what you want, and we make sure you get the result you want. Also keep in mind that certain haircuts and colors are chosen depending on the color of the eyes or the shape of the face. I wrote down some details on the Lucicosm blog, so take a look to see what is right for you to choose.

Manicure and pedicure at Suceava salon

The two are a woman’s business card. And you have to admit that you feel better when you have a manicure done. And when it lasts more than 3 weeks without losing its luster, it is a total gain.

You know very well that in order for a manicure or pedicure to last, you need a specialist who knows the techniques closely and who has experience.

Our manicurists are accredited with recognized diplomas, and their experience speaks for itself. Come and see how good your manicure can look.

On our facebook page, Lucicosm Beauty Studio, you will find some models that show you what techniques we use and how well we do on the artistic side.

Cosmetics and massage

The week went by hard and you didn’t see your head. You felt like there were times when you crashed and the coffee breaks weren’t enough to make you recover. Give yourself a restart and come to a massage session.

Pamper yourself and take care of your body at the same time. Salon Suceava Lucicosm Beauty Studio is waiting for you at cosmetics and massage.

We know that you shine inside, but you will surely feel better when your skin will be brighter and when your skin will feel better than ever.

Our cosmetics and massage services are made especially for you. Our team of professionals is at your disposal.

Lucicosm Beauty Studio - Suceava salon - invites you to moments of relaxation

The visit to the salon is not a simple appointment. It is an invitation to moments of peace that result in a more beautiful hairstyle, a better defined appearance or a better general condition.

Lucicosm Beauty Studio provides you with a professional team for which the outer beauty complements the inner one.

The atmosphere in the Suceava salon will definitely make you come back again. We offer you 100% availability, transparency and openness to the new, along with well-rooted knowledge in hundreds of hours of experience and accredited courses.

Salon Suceava Lucicosm Beauty Studio invites you to indulge.

Make an appointment now at 0230 511 359.

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