Semi permanent nail polish – tips and myths

Semi permanent nail polish has become more and more popular among women, so in this article you will find out how to apply it and what kind of techniques to avoid.

Semi-permanent nail polish gives you a natural nail look and offers elegance and finesse to the hand.

Moreover, the permanent nail polish lasts a long time and can be applied even on the thin nail.

With the advent of semi-permanent nail polish, more and more women have appeared who want such a manicure. Many of them wished they could do it alone, from home. However, when you are a beginner you have a lot of questions that you can’t always find the answer to.

How do you remove semi-permanent nail polish and what is the best method to use? Do you need to use apex? Does the application of semi-permanent nail polish affect the nail or not?

In the lines below you will find the answers to these questions. However, let’s start with the beginning.

What is semi permanent nail polish?

How is it different from gel?

You need to know that if you want to make gel nails professionally and make a few clients who constantly turn to you, you need to take a specialized course. Without this course it will be very difficult for you to learn on your own and often you will not realize where you are wrong.

And if you follow youtube videos or uninformed advice, you will definitely not do well. Then you risk ruining your nail if you don’t follow the steps. Semi-permanent nail polish is, in fact, a hybrid between UV gel and traditional nail polish. The semi-permanent nail polish is characterized by its special shine, more consistent texture and the fact that it dries in a UV / LED lamp. It can last on the nails for up to 3-4 weeks, and this resistance is the reason why women choose semi manicure. However, it is a bit more complicated to apply than classic nail polish.

Semi-permanent nail polish does not affect the health of the nail in any way, but is even recommended for women who have exfoliated nails. It is known that semi-permanent nail polish strengthens natural nails.

And then, if you have a habit of biting your nails, semi-permanent nail polish can help you get rid of this habit.

There is always something to learn in this field and as the products are constantly changing, so are the techniques.

How to apply semi-permanent nail polish?

semi permanent nail polish

The old method of applying semi-permanent nail polish is no longer necessarily the right one (base, nail polish, top).

Now, it is important to prepare the natural nail well, to clean the cuticle with the milling cutter heads, to apply a quality primer and to apply the base layer.

As I told you above, semi-permanent nail polish can also be applied on thin or soft nails, provided that the manicure is done with the apex.

The apex is applied after you have applied the base on the natural nail. It is the one that gives the nail its naturalness and offers a much greater resistance to your manicure. After you have cured the apex, it is time to apply the semi nail polish, in two separate layers, very carefully.

Then apply the finish and make sure the light reflected on the nail is oval. This indicates that the semi-permanent nail polish has been applied correctly.

Therefore, on the nail you need the base coat, the apex, two coats of nail polish and the finish.

How do you remove semi permanent nail polish?

You have no advantage in removing semi-permanent nail polish with solvent or acetone. Instead, you only have disadvantages. It lasts about 20 minutes and you can get burns or even allergies. Moreover, you can seriously thin your nail, and the maintenance takes much longer.

Instead, it is much simpler if you use a milling cutter or file to remove semi nail polish.

In just 5 minutes, all the nail polish is taken off and no allergies occur. You will never thin your nail plate or remove it from the nail layers.

Even if you have a 100 grit file, you will still not affect the nail plate or the nail layers.

You have nothing wrong with using a cutter end, maybe only if you don’t know how to use it at all and it affects the nail plate a little, but that’s it.

It is much safer and healthier to remove semi nail polish with a cutter or a file, because you have no disadvantage. Instead, acetone can only cause you problems. You can confidently call Lucicosm Beauty Studio to apply semi-permanent nails, because there is no chance that they will be affected. The nails do not have lungs, so they do not need to breathe.

Semi-permanent nail polish does not affect the nail

Semi nail polish does not affect the nail surface, and if all the steps are done correctly, there will be no problem. The nail is not destroyed by the nail polish, but by the one who does not know how to apply it and remove it correctly.

To avoid any nail problems, consider a few tips. Do not over-polish the nail plate, remove about 80% of the semi-old nail polish on the nail without reaching the nail plate.

Do not put pressure on the nail when removing nail polish and use a 150 grit file.

If you feel heat on your nail, remove your hand from the lamp for 5 seconds. In most cases, nail damage is caused by incorrect application of the products and failure to follow the steps. However, if you want a manicure like a book without your nails suffering, we are waiting for you at Lucicosm Beauty Studio. Here, we take care of your nails and hands and make sure you go home happy with the end result.

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