Suceava Salon: beauty tips to keep in mind

As I told you in the previous article, Suceava Lucicosm salon offers you a list of beauty tips to keep in mind.

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These are some small habits that will shape your natural beauty even better and will get rid of unsightly elements.

And, as we argued in our previous discussions, we believe that beauty springs from within. That part of beauty is strictly in your care.

But in terms of outer beauty, you need to follow a few steps to get the results you hope for.

You’ve seen how good Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston look at their ages. And they are not the only examples.

Yes, you may look young at an advanced age. It’s not just about expensive treatments and cosmetic surgery, which are not necessarily necessary. These are small steps, but they bring a great result.

Salon Suceava urges you to take into account these beauty tips

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Every woman tries to avoid wrinkles as much as possible. However, trying is not enough and often does not work.

If you want to have as few wrinkles as possible, then you need a care ritual like a book. Get rid of the solarium and avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Sun exposure is known to cause premature aging and can cause skin cancer. It’s not playful, so use a sunscreen.

It is recommended to use it even in the cold season. As you well know, the sun stays in the sky and affects you even if it is cold outside.

In addition, constantly use an anti-wrinkle cream with hyaluronic acid or even hyaluronic acid. You can find it in specialty stores, and the prices are affordable for any pocket.

In addition to this acid, it is vital to use a moisturizer. This constant ritual will get rid of unsightly wrinkles.

But this is not all. As our body functions as a whole circuit, we also need a balanced diet. All the foods you eat have an impact on the appearance of your skin.

You have probably noticed that when you do not drink enough water, your skin is drier, and when you eat a lot of salt, your skin retains water.

The same problem is with the skin. If you have a high fat and junk food it is almost normal for your skin to be unhealthy.

Therefore, make sure you have a diet rich in antioxidants, and strawberries, blueberries and apples should not be missing.

How to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks at home - Suceava salon

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Cellulite has always been a big problem. The good news is that you can get rid of it, and the less good news is that there is little chance of getting rid of it completely.

Cellulite is normal in women. However, to reduce the appearance of orange peel, there are a few tricks you can take into account.

For starters, sports and nutrition are vital here. Nobody says you should only eat salad, but you should have a balanced diet and not overdo it.

For cellulite, massage is the best external treatment. Salon Suceava Lucicosm Beauty invites you to special massage sessions, which will help you get rid of the unpleasant appearance of the skin.

The results are visible after a few sessions, so go to the contact page and call us for an appointment.

To help your skin recover, you can use a special massage brush. Moreover, you can also try the coffee scrub. Mix the coffee with coconut or olive oil and apply the result on the problem skin. Then massage the areas.

Repeat the treatment two or three times a week. There are also creams that promise to get rid of cellulite, but without a proper diet you will not see any results on the skin.

In the case of stretch marks, the job is more complicated. And here nutrition is crucial. It is important to eat foods rich in vitamins C, D and E and to consume as much fluid as possible.

In addition, you can apply a retinol cream and massage the affected area. Green tea is another famous treatment for stretch marks.

Apply it on the skin twice a day and massage the area. As a result, you prevent and fade stretch marks and keep the area hydrated.

How to exfoliate your skin properly

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Exfoliating the skin is important because it gets rid of the rough appearance, cleanses the skin and prepares it for other beauty and treatment processes. It also sets the blood in motion and helps prevent cellulite.

Exfoliation should be done only in the shower, because hot water will open the pores and help the cleaning process.

Buy an exfoliating lotion without perfume and alcohol and massage the skin with circular movements for several minutes. Pay close attention to your elbows and knees, where the skin is rougher.

Finally, apply a moisturizer.

Salon Suceava <a href=””>Lucicosm Beauty Sudio</a> îți recomandă să nu uiți de crema hidratantă. Fă-ți un obicei din asta, deoarece este unul dintre cei mai importanți pași în ritualul de beauty.

Also, for moments of pampering and guaranteed results, come to the salon for a beauty treatment.

The Lucicosm Beauty Studio team provides you with modern equipment and specialists to bring you the results you want.

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