Tips for skin care in the cold season

The cold season is beautiful only at the first snow. Otherwise, we all know that it can be a big hassle, especially for skin care. In addition to the sun that does not give us time-out from SPF, the cold makes our skin retaliate in situations that we rarely like.

If until now you had a clear routine that you apply daily, the cold season forces you to change it. The cream you used in the summer is no longer good in the fall and winter. Low temperatures affect the skin, and the solution is to adapt your beauty routine.

From hydration to washing, every ritual needs change. Otherwise, you may face problems such as irritation, cracked and dry skin and even more serious dermatological problems such as acne or dermatitis.

Yes, cold weather has serious repercussions on your skin. However, this article will help you with some useful tips on how to adapt your skin care routine.

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Specialists have named 4 skin types, and each has a different care. For starters, it is very important to know what your skin type is.

Here are the 4 skin types

Normal skin. It is the type of skin that does not need special care. It is the skin desired by all people, but experts say it does not exist. There are extremely few people so lucky. Normal skin does not have dermatological problems, it is balanced, it has poorly visible pores, and the skin is clean.

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Mixed skin. This is the most common skin type and is characterized by: the T-zone is oily, and the rest of the face can be dry or combination.

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Dry skin. This is the skin with a lack of elasticity. The skin is gently exfoliated, tightened and stretched. This type of skin is prone to irritation and can easily wrinkle.

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Oily skin. It may look like an orange peel and has dilated pores. Oily skin is most prone to acne and blackheads.

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Exfoliation in skin care in the cold season

Exfoliation is an important step in the care ritual. It is much more important in the cold season, because it helps to cleanse the skin in depth and removes dead cells. Thus, care products can be absorbed much faster and more efficiently into the skin. Exfoliation is done depending on the type of skin you have.

If you have dry skin, exfoliation should be done with more delicate products, once or twice a month. Normal skin can be exfoliated almost weekly.

Hydration in skin care

Hydration is absolutely essential in any season, and the cold period is no exception. To maintain optimal hydration, apply moisturizer every time you leave the house. Do not forget the protection factor, at least 30. Light creams are not indicated in cold periods, because they do not have the power to provide optimal hydration.

Wind and cold are not the most friendly to your skin, so choose intensely moisturizing creams to keep it young and bright. Even if you dress thickly, your face remains exposed and unprotected from temperatures that the skin does not like.

Skin care: lip and hand skin

In winter, the lips dry very quickly, and this is where the lip balm comes into play. As the lips are basically skin, take a conditioner without perfume and irritants and which can give you optimal hydration. It is also valid for hands. Choose a milder soap, alcohol-free disinfectant and products that are not aggressive to the skin.

We remind you of the protection factor, very important in the case of hands and lips. You can buy lip balm with sun protection factor. Just as you don’t let your eyelids age prematurely, so can your lips. And as for the hands, you know the saying: they show the real age of a woman.

In any case, beauty is born inside. So none of the above tips will help you properly if you do not have a balanced and proper diet. Drink enough water daily and eat fruits and vegetables.

If you do all these things, you will be able to bring your skin to the stage you want. However, a beauty boost has never hurt. Therefore, we invite you to the salon for a cosmetic treatment to help you properly hydrate your skin and eliminate fine wrinkles. can

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