Types of haircuts to avoid if you are a mature woman

What types of haircuts you choose to wear defines you. The same hairstyle can make a woman look 10 years younger and another look older.

As I told you in previous articles, a woman’s personality is highlighted by these seemingly small details: nails, the way you arrange your hair or the glasses you choose to wear.

We are the sum of our choices and if you want to attract looks and feel good in your skin, you definitely want the right haircut.

When you have passed the age of youth, you are a little more attentive to the details we talked about above. You want to look younger and there are some tricks that will help you.

Hair has a hard word to say in this equation, so be very careful what hairstyle you choose.

The haircut you choose can tell you how old you are

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Yes, the haircut you have can take a few years off your shoulders.

It may soften or accentuate certain features of your face. But it all depends on the shape of your face, your age and your preferences

Remember that any age is the right age to feel beautiful and young. But if there are some tricks that can improve your physical appearance, why not take them into account?

However, don’t get carried away by the waves of fashion and opt for haircuts that really suit you. In this regard, it is advisable to meet with your hairstylist to find out which haircut is suitable for both your age and appearance, as well as for your personality.

After the age of 50, the oval shape of the face is no longer so pronounced. The skin loses its elasticity, the hair does not have the same density and volume, and the strands are thinner and more fragile.

Many aspects change, and the hairstyles you had a few years ago are no longer valid.

Types of long and straight haircuts

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If you’re a mature woman and you’re over 50, it’s time to forget about mermaid haircuts. A hairstyle with long hair is very difficult to maintain, and as you get older, the strands deteriorate slightly.

Long, loose hair only makes you grow older, because broken hairs look much stronger.

It is rare that such a haircut is suitable for a woman over 40 years. But in such cases, the hair is in impeccable condition and looks harmonious.

Long wavy hair

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If you are a mature woman, you can already imagine what such a hairstyle can look like. Not indicated at all. In general, long hair is a kind of taboo for a woman who has gone through life.

Long, shiny and voluminous hair is wonderful. But for a 25-year-old girl. If the age is much older, such a hairstyle can look hilarious.

Hair caught in a ponytail or bun

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These types of hairstyles were suitable when you were a teenager, because your hair had a different texture and elasticity. At the age of maturity, curly hair is no longer so charming.

When you have wrinkles or spots of color on your skin, a hair stuck in a bun only highlights them.

Types of haircuts with medium volume and hair

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There are many mature ladies who opt for such a haircut. However, a babette hairstyle looks out of place and uninspired now. So, try to avoid as much as possible the voluminous hair and cut in medium length.

Types of very short haircuts

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We have also reached the part where a haircut can make you look exceptional. Short and very short haircuts are welcome among women over 50 years. They make you look stylish and elegant.

However, avoid extremes, because an overly exposed forehead can accentuate your features. In general, it is good to avoid haircuts that reveal your forehead, temples or cheekbones too hard. These areas are not strong areas for women over 50, and highlighting them only makes you grow old.

Types of straight haircuts

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Such a haircut is universal, but it only works until the age of 40. With the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and deep circles, a straight haircut emphasizes all your shortcomings.

Beauty is inside, but you feel good when you are just as beautiful outside. And as beauty is subjective, make sure you feel as good as possible in your skin.

If you want a change of look that benefits you, Lucicosm Beauty Studio is waiting for you at the salon. Here, you have informed advice and the best solutions for your needs. All the products we use are professional and adapted to your hair type.

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Feel good in your skin no matter how old you are. Come to the salon for a change of look.

We remind you, our blog is at your disposal with beauty tips, tips & tricks and the latest information in the field.

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