Types of manicure and gel manicure

A neat manicure is a must. More and more women choose to take care of their nails in this way, because it is a safe and long-lasting way. The gel manicure lasts even more than a month and ensures your nails are always neat and “spotless”.

If you are new to manicure, you may feel a little lost. There are a lot of types of manicure, gel manicure, French or American type manicure. And, as you know, there are a lot of patterns and colors that you can choose. In this article, we present you the types of manicure, so you can know for sure what your choice will be at your next meeting with the manicurist.

Basic manicure or pedicure

If this is your first time doing a manicure at a salon, then we suggest you choose a basic one.

Both manicure and pedicure can have the same steps. Therefore, with a basic manicure, your hands (or feet) will be soaked in warm water. It helps soothe cuticles and remove dead skin. The technician will clean your nails and choose the length you want for the manicure.

Then the process begins. After cleaning the nails, the products are applied: a base coat, a colored coat and a top coat. Then your nails are dry and that’s about it.

Basic manicure (or pedicure) is one of the simplest procedures for nail care. If you want an impactful manicure, clean and as fast as possible, this is your choice. However, keep in mind that such a manicure is not as durable as other types and not as malleable in terms of model.

French reverse manicure or pedicure

This type of manicure is exactly what it sounds like: a reverse French type. This means that the white part (or other light color) usually applied on the tips is applied to the cuticles. The rest of the nail is done in a neutral color.

Even though French manicure is part of its popularity, the reverse French manicure is a real celebrity. Many women opt for this type of manicure because it gives the sensation of long, thin fingers. This type of manicure is elegant and unique at the same time.

American manicure or pedicure

An American manicure is similar to a French manicure, except that the tips are often more rounded.

While French manicures generally use a bright white for tips, American manicures can use light colors. This is more of a “low contrast” aspect.

Gel manicure or gel pedicure

I also became the star in terms of nail care. Manicure or gel pedicure is the most common type of care, being more sophisticated and durable. The gel looks like a standard nail polish, applied in the same way.

But between each layer, the nails are kept under a lamp with UV light. They dry and harden the gel. After applying all the layers, the nails are completely dry and the gel remains intact for at least a few weeks.

Manicure or gel pedicure is perfect if you do not want to bother with nail care every few days. It is versatile in terms of pattern, shape, length or color. That is why she is so loved by women.

Manicure and gel manicure in Suceava

Clearly, the nails need to be taken care of. As regular nail polish is no longer an answer, manicure at a salon has become a real habit for women. Here you will find manicure and pedicure technicians, people with vision and able to build any model that caught your eye on the internet.

At Lucicosm Beauty Studio Suceava we offer you all types of manicures and pedicures that combine the latest technologies in the field. Innovations are constant and, as we like quality, we constantly implement them in the services we offer you.

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If you are still unsure about what type of manicure you want, at Lucicosm we offer you advice and help you make the right choice. Make an appointment at one of the telephone numbers 0230 511 359 | 0754 019 132 or we invite you to our headquarters in Str. Resort, Nr. 2, pp. C6, Sc. A, Ap. 1, Suceava

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