What are you doing wrong when it comes to your hair

Did your hair suddenly break? Or to fall more than usual or even look unwashed, even though you took care of him the day before?

That means there are a number of things you do wrong. The Lucicosm Beauty Studio team analyzed them and we leave them here.

Keep in mind that everything you do in your grooming ritual can affect your hair. Therefore, every step from washing to arranging is important.

It is not uncommon for visitors to Lucicosm Beauty Studio to tell us that they have problems with their hair. Therefore, here are the reasons why dandruff appears, your hair breaks or loses its shine.

Things you do wrong

Did you know that, apart from moisturizing treatments, almost anything you do to your hair is an aggression? Well, even combing and washing are forms of aggression that you don’t take into account. It looks like a battle is already lost, considering that you can’t walk with your hair uncombed and you can’t constantly let it dry naturally. But it is not so. However, here’s where the error is:

1 Excessive and aggressive combing. When you want to get hair done quickly, forget about delicacy and brushes with all your might. However, even in those moments the hairs break. If you have areas of the head where it seems that your hair is more damaged, then it means that in that area you exaggerate with the brush. Unfortunately, in those places the hair can thin out over time, so be very careful what you do with the brush. That’s why at Lucicosm Beauty Studio, before brushing, apply a spray that helps to manage the hair. For best results, it is important to start brushing the hair from the lower half down, gradually climbing the brush after the bottom is already managed. This way, your hair will handle more easily and you will avoid breaking it.

2 Excessive washing. Yes, too much washing can damage the hair. Especially if you use hot water. The more often you wash your hair, the more sebum your scalp will produce, creating a vicious circle. Moreover, the chemicals used in care products can affect your hair if you use them excessively. If you are used to drying your hair with a towel, avoid rubbing it with a towel. When the hair is wet it is extremely sensitive and you risk breaking it much easier. Moreover, it is advisable to choose a lighter shampoo without sulfants.

3 Tight hair in the tail. You wouldn’t say it affects you, would you? However, it doesn’t do you any good. If you squeeze the tail too hard, in addition to the fact that your head hurts after a while, the hair breaks at the root or in half. This way you risk losing volume, elasticity and with fragile hair you will certainly not be able to have a beautiful hairstyle. Be careful to catch your hair as gently as possible with elastics that do not contain elastic elements, because they can cut the hair.

4 Salt water + Chlorine. I know you like going to the sea or the pool, but your hair suffers a lot. Salt water and chlorine dry it out of all nutrients and it remains weak. Moreover, it breaks more easily and has a wired appearance. This is because a lot of keratin is lost in the hair. To avoid these situations, it would be best to apply a conditioner on your hair or a mask and catch your hair in a bun. Thus, the conditioner will be a kind of protective layer.

5 The sun. Yes, the sun also affects the hair. That is why you can notice that during the summer, your hair is a lighter shade. Whether you know it or not, UV rays affect you at all levels. Therefore, the hair does not escape. So in the summer it is good to use care products that have sun protection.

6 Incorrect drying. Using a hair dryer is definitely an aggression for the hair. But things can get worse when you’re not paying attention to how you use the dryer. It is very important not to keep it close to your hair and not to use the highest heat level. Keep the dryer on and don’t just stick to one piece of hair, but alternate.

7 Chemical treatments. You probably know that constant straightening, curling or styling can affect the hair. Therefore, you need to do everything you can to thin the meetings with the board or curler. It also uses thermal protection when you style your hair.

8 Using the plate on dirty hair. Yes, it is not good to use the plate on unwashed hair, even if you used dry shampoo. And even though I told you above that it’s not okay to wash it too often, it’s a middle ground. When your hair is dirty, but you still leave it for another day or you simply do not have time to wash it, it is advisable to catch your hair in a bun or put on a scarf. However, do not use the plate on unwashed hair and given with dry shampoo, because the resulting chemical reactions are not at all beneficial to your hair.

The way you take care of your hair is very important, especially if you want to have hair full of vitality. At Lucicosm Beauty Studio we make sure that your hair receives the best treatment, and if you need any styling advice, we are here. Lucicosm Beauty Studio makes your hair look incredible and helps you learn to maintain it.

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